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A Brief History of Axe Throwing

Axes have been used throughout history long before axe throwing became a popular sport. They have a rich, detailed past from the stone age all the way up to modern woodcutting.

Becoming popular around two decades ago, axe throwing has evolved into a major recreational activity. With bars and facilities designated to this target sport, you’re sure to find someplace local that offers it.

Axes Throughout the Ages

During the stone age, axes were constructed without handles. This dated back to roughly 1.5 million years ago. Handles were only first used in 6,000 BC. The very first example of a handled axe consisted of a stone head with a wooden handle.

From the late Neolithic/Chalcolithic period onwards, axes were made out of copper that was often mixed with arsenic. The hafting method eventually changed following the introduction of bronze metallurgy. Flat axes were redesigned into flanged axes and eventually, palstaves and winged and socketed axes were developed.

History of Axe Throwing

Thrown axes were first used in 400-500 AD. However, some historians have decided that they were most likely not used in battle as a thrown axe would leave the fighter unarmed. More than likely, they were used in hunting where the hunter could not get close enough to the prey.

Other historians believe that the axe was thrown only to be followed by hand-to-hand combat. Enemies would run following the first volley as they were expecting subsequent volleys.

Throwing axes became more common by the Middle Ages. They were constructed from iron and used by both knights and foot soldiers.

The axe was brought to the New World by the Europeans who subsequently provided them to the Native Americans in the form of tomahawks. Legend has it that the frontiersmen of what would become the United States held the first axe-throwing competitions.

In more recent times, axe throwing has become a popular recreational sport. Within the last 20 years, it has gained popularity and become a great way to let off steam. There are venues dedicated to just this activity, as well as axe-throwing bars.


While the axe started out as a simple tool in the stone age, it has progressed throughout history as a weapon and finally to a recreational object. With its rich past, an axe is a tool for the ages.

Axe throwing is a popular urban sport that many people are drawn to. With competitions dating back to the old frontier, it is an activity steeped in tradition.

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