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  • Walk ins - How do they work?
    On weekends, we often do not have available space, so we can't guarantee space will be available. When we do have walk-in space, the range times only start at fixed times, so you probably won't be able to walk in and start throwing - you'll have to wait until the next available start time. For current start times, please call us.
  • Can we just get an Arena to ourselves?
    8-12 admissions translates to 1 Arena to yourselves. To be the only guests in an Arena, you must purchase 8-12 admissions. If you purchase fewer than 8 admissions, you will just share the Arena with some new axe-throwing pals! Once you have a Arena to yourselves with 8 admission, this means you can also purchase up to 4 "extra" admissions for that Arena, maxing out at 12. More than 24? Contact us at!
  • What ages can throw at Axes & Armor?
    Ages 10 and up as long as they have the strength and coordination to effectively throw a hatchet as judged by our Axperts. All children must be under the immediate control of an adult! Officially, there must be 1 adult per 3 kids aged 10 - 14; kids 15 - 17 just need one adult per range. Ages 6 & under are not allowed on site. Sorry!
  • What is your Lateness Policy?
    If you arrive after your start time and do not have the Arena to yourselves, you may not be allowed to join the Arena. This is because it wouldn't be fair to stop the other guests' gameplay in order to give your group the safety guidelines and instructions, when the other guests arrived on time and paid the same amount for their admission! If you have the Arena reserved to yourselves, you can still keep your original booking slot, but will still need to end at the same time. You are fine if you have the entire Arena booked to yourselves - your throwing time will just be shortened to end at the regular time.
  • Can we bring our own food and/or drink?
    Only if you have reserved a Special Event. If you'd like to bring a cake, have catering or delivery on site, this would require a Special Event so that we can set up a table for you. If you just want to bring cupcakes, you are able to bring them to any type of reservation. (Just as long as they're store-bought)
  • Does Axes & Armor sell beer/wine & food?
    We sell Beer & Wine, soda/water/ pizzas./ nachos/ etc. ID required for the alcohol. Just want to bring cupcakes? You may as long as the cupcakes are store-bought! But email if you have any questions. If you do plan on having food other than just store-bought cupcakes, you must book through our Special Events department! This way, we can guarantee that the Arena assigned to your group have space for food. Our Special Events department can also help you book for groups larger than 37+, or if you want a 3-hour session. For weekend events, try to contact us as far in advance as possible!
  • Can I book an event outside of your normal hours?
    Absolutely! Just email us at
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    You will get a FULL REFUND up to 24 Hours in advance of your time. Sorry but within 24 hours there are no refunds. If you book a Special Event, you will get a full refund up to 5 days before your reservation.
  • Will we be taught how to throw?
    Each arena has a Axpert that not only teaches the rules, but coaches you on how to throw.
  • What should I wear?
    We have only two requirements: *Closed-toe shoes (no high heels even if they are closed-toe) *A shirt which gives you full range of motion.
  • Can I bring my own axe?
    Unfortunately, our insurance guy says no.
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