Indoor Axe Throwing

How Does Indoor Axe Throwing Work?

Occasionally, videos of axe throwing go viral and are seen across the internet. Just how does this work? Is it safe?

Throwing any sharp, bladed weapon has its dangers, but a proper indoor axe throwing venue makes the activity as safe as possible without losing what the activity is about. Real axes are indeed used, but they are ones provided by the venue and have been made with throwing in mind. Not only that, a professional guide is in each throwing room to teach technique and ensure that rules are followed.

The axes are thrown at wooden targets that are made so that blades are likely to stick into them instead of bouncing off. Of course, for that to work, the axe has to be thrown well enough to have its blade pointing in the right direction at the point of contact. Since this doesn't always happen, participants stand far enough away that ricochets are very unlikely to hit someone.

Usually, indoor axe throwing is done in a permanent structure. There may be several rooms, or arenas, operating at the same time. However, this activity has become so popular that mobile axe throwing trailers also exist. These trailers are brought to events so that guests can have fun without leaving the area of the main attraction.

Fewer people can fit into mobile axe throwing trailers than permanent structures, so it is important to gauge interest when reserving them for an event. If plenty of interest is expected, multiple trailers can be contracted to ensure that everyone gets a chance to throw a few axes. This also reduces wait times.

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